To fly or not to fly?  Clip or not to clip?

In my aviary I have pet tiels and Show Tiels.  100% of them are all flighted.  For NCS Show standards, Show birds must have all their flights.  As to pets that I have they too are flighted.  They know how to get around and can fly to the shoulder on command.  See how a tiel flys! and see the POWER in the wing stroke.

I recommend, and will only sell a bird that is clipped to a new home.  You can bring the FID back to me and I will trim the wings at NO COST.  UNDER no Circumstances will a bird leave my home with the ability to fly.  Accidents happen.  I have seen it! and it hurts your heart!

Clipping a Bird can be done by a trained individual, vet, or person that has EXPERIENCE.  Birds feathers have a blood supply and if it is not done correctly, you can seriously injure the pet.  See here to understand.

Health issues in your bird is more important then you may think.  Once you get a new pet, I recommend that you get a Health check from a certified AVIAN vet.  Also see "Do I need a vet"  There are many things that they can check for and give you an over all Base Line for the bird.  I suggest that after you receive you pet, you allow it to settle for sometime, get in touch with a vet, make the appointment, and obtain fecal samples.  These samples will allow the vet to do a Gram Stain to check for possible issues.  So how to get a sample?  Take the first paper change from your cage, Which should be within the the first 24 hours, and place it in a plastic bag.  Mark it with the birds name and yours, and take it to the vet at the visit.  Please see other health issues as shown on the NCS site.

Cuttlebone and calcium blocks are recommended for your FID.  It is something to chew, source of nutrients, a toy, and I have seen some of mine talk to it. 

Toys are a great part of entertainment for you pet while you are at work.  Remember, You are their biggest toy and always want to play with you!  I like wooden toys like blocks.  I sometimes take some scrap wood from the shop and make pine blocks for them.  They really love Bells.  STAINLESS only.  I take some paper and make strips, and toss it in the cage.  What a riot to watch them pick a piece up and try to run with it.  They always forget that they are standing on it!

I use small hemp to TIE toys to the cage sides.  I do not like metal clips that come with many toys.  I also use REAL LEATHER as a way to attach toys.  This also can be used to make toys.  I do not like soft plastic.  if I can make a mark in it with my finger nail, then it is a NO GO!!!  Be smart, take the time to look.  Just don't jump at the first thing you see.