Computer/laptop Rebuild Support


This comprises of removing the hard drive, Installing a new hard drive, reinstalling the operating system. 

This DOES NOT include reinstalling specialized programs, or specific hardware drivers. 

If you have the original programs that you want installed then I will reinstall them. 

Product key codes MUST be furnished. If no product key codes are provided I will not install the program or operating system.

I do not and cannot install software that you do not own.

A assessment of a computer rebuild will be done prior to any work being done.

If your old hard drive has files to be recovered, I will make the best attempt to recover them. 

If the files are on a damaged or  corrupted hard drive. 

There is no guarantee to personal or business file recovery. 

If  you are  just having a hard drive upgrade, then files can be transferred. 

This is based on the condition of the hard drive being replaced.

All original hardware will be taged and returned to the original owner.