What I can Eat

Now that you have me in your home and you have given me a clean safe home, I need to eat.  So what can I eat?  Boy your food looks great!

I have a daily diet that I need.  In addition to that I have made a list of things that I like as treats in my Treat trays.

This is my DAILY diet:

Pellet- Roudybush, or Harrison pellet,or Zupreem.

Seed- Golden Feast, or Higgins Sunburst, and sprigs of Millet!

I need a good variety of food to maintain my health.  Please clean my bowls everyday.  I like a clean plate.  Sometimes I can make a mess in the bowl, so you need to check EVERYDAY!



Here is what I like on your plate:


Egg- Cooked well

Broccoli- Green Face!

carrot- I love an orange face!

spinach- A little at a time.  Too much is not good.

Green Beans, pees, Veggies!  Chow time!

Rice- Organic please!

Corn Bread!  No butter!

A bit of chicken.  I need protein too!


SUPER TREAT!!!  These are indigenous to my home in Australia

HIBISCUS FLOWERS!  Just the FLOWER.  I will be in heaven!!

Eucalyptus!  If you call a Florist they can get it!



Avocado!   I will be dead!

Booze- KILLS YOU after to much!

Chocolate- Only for you.  Kills me

Soda- No Coke, No Pepsi!

Refined flour- Not good on the tummy!

Caffeine- Hey I am the one that wakes you!

Dairy products- No Cow here!

fried foods- Not good for you, then why me?

Sugar- Hey I can get hyper with out it!